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Cafe One in Marunouchi Nagoya

This cafe is located on Marunouchi district which is a famous business area, having a lot of offices of banks and security firms. This cafe is in the basement of a building and it's a little bit difficult to find the entrance. On weekends, there are not so many people because all of the offices are closed, so this cafe is one of the most calm and cozy places in this area.

Entrance of Cafe one
Cafe one

Inside of the cafe, it’s really cute with a lovely vintage looking decor. This is a really large cafe and there are about 50 sheets. The coffee‘s taste is really nice and the crepes here are the best! They are really soft and so nice with sweet ice cream.

Crepe of cafe one

Useful Information

Address: Aichi, Nagoya, Naka Ward, Marunouchi, 3 Chome−21−25 B1F

Opening hours:

Sunday 11AM–5PM
Monday 11AM–22PM
Tuesday 11AM–22PM
Wednesday 11AM–22PM
Thrseday 11AM–22PM
Friday 11AM–22PM
Saturday 11AM–22PM


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