How to make friends in Nagoya

It is really hard to have local Japanese friends especially in Nagoya because Nagoya’s people tend to be xenophobic to outsider even though he or she is Japanese.

Most of them were born and raised in Nagoya and work in Nagoya. That’s why they already have their own community.

Recently there are lot of people from all over the world in Nagoya area. In order to learn Japanese and Japanese culture and assimilate into Japanese society, making Japanese friends is required.

In this page we would like to share how to make Japanese friends in Nagoya, especially for foreigners who can’t speak Japanese well.

Attending Language Community in Nagoya

Nagoya has a lot of Language Communities. Some of them are mainly for people who want to communicate in English and others are for language exchange groups.

If you can speak English, you can make Japanese friends easily because Japanese people including me tend to be open when speaking English.

Below is some language communities that I recommend.

English Cochin Nagoya

First of all let me explain, our community English Cochin Nagoya. Founded by an young engineer from Tokyo to make friends in 2004, this community have helped people make friends.

This community have been for people who want to communicate in English and have had meeting in almost every Saturday evening for 15 years.

In each meeting there are not only Japanese but also people all over the world. You can meet a lot of Japanese and for foreigners who work in various industries and have various backgrounds.

After conversation and discussion in English we usually go to a restaurant for dinner.

English コーチン 名古屋で英会話