AmazonのFake Review(嘘の口コミ)について Forbesより




Amazon's Fake Review Problem Is Getting Worse
Amazon's problem with fake reviews shows no signs of abating, with an investigation by the Which? consumer group revealing a flood of fake five-star reviews for...

海外ではAmazonなどのECサイトでFake review(偽の口コミ)が問題になっています。中にはReviewの60%が偽物だったりするそうです。星5つの効果は絶大なようで、マイナーブランドであっても星5つだと売れてしまうんだとか。

アメリカではAIを使って、AmazonとかのReviewの信用度を判定するFake Spotというアプリまで出るようになっています。

Amazonはこの問題に対する対応が甘いとかで結構叩かれています。Amazon, Fake reviewで検索すると山のように英文記事が出てきます。



  • abate・・・ become less intense or widespread/和らぐ
  • bombard・・・ attack/攻撃する
  • dubious・・・ not to be relied upon/信頼できない
  • purge・・・ weed out/追いやる
  • delve・・・ investigate/(よく)調べる
  • wary・・・ feeling or showing caution about possible dangers or problems/用心深い


  • Do you use EC website like Amazon? What EC websites do you use? and Why?
  • What kind of products do you usually buy on the internet?
  • Do you read reviews(kuchikomi in Japanese) of the products on the internet?
  • When purchasing something on the internet, what factor do you value to decide to buy? 
  • Which product are you likely to buy on the internet, “a famous brand with low rating” or “a brand that you haven’t  heard but with high rating”? And why?
  • Have you ever bought products or services cheated by fake reviews in not only EC website like Amazon but also google, tripadviser(Hotel reservation site) and so on? Share your experiences.
  • How can you tell if reviews are fake?
  • According to the article “Amazon seems to be reactive to the problem(fake review)” Why does amazon seems to be like this? What is your opinion?


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