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Wisdom teeth removal in Nagoya Japan


Wisdom teeth removal in Nagoya Japan

A few years ago, I got my two wisdom teeth removed in Nagoya Japan.  Even though I was born and raised in Japan, it was really scary and I was concerned about it before having the surgery. Recently, there are a lot of foreigners in Nagoya and sometimes they feel so concerned when they have tooth pain, especially from a wisdom tooth. So I would like to share my experience on this page.


First of all, let me give you a short summary of my wisdom teeth removal below.

Case Two wisdom teeth in lower jaw
Number of dentist visit 5times
Dentist Miyakawa dental clinic and Aichi gakuin university dental hospital
Total cost About 50,000 yen including surgery and accommodation after surgery※
Notes Stayed at Aichi gakuin university dental hospital for one night after removal

※It depends on your wisdom tooth. 


Date Place Note
2019/8/31 Miyakawa dental clinic  
2019/9/14 Aichi gakuin university dental hospital  
2019/9/20 Aichi gakuin university dental hospital  
2019/10/4 Aichi gakuin university dental hospital Surgery
2019/10/17 Aichi gakuin university dental hospital Remove the surgical thread

Miyakawa dental clinic

Aichi gakuin dentist hospital


In summer of 2019, I felt pain from my lower jaws and soon I thought this pain was from my wisdom teeth. I got wisdom teeth on my upper jaw  removed 10 years ago when I was a university student. And this pain was the almost same as what I experienced before.

I already knew that compared to wisdom teeth on the upper jaw, it was harder to remove wisdom teeth on the lower jaw. I decided to go to Miyakawa dental clinic because its website said they can do wisdom teeth removal, which is a little bit difficult.

I went to Miyakawa dental clinic and the dentist checked my jaws using X ray and said his place could not remove my wisdom teeth because it needs difficult surgery. He made a referral to Aichi gakuin university dental hospital. Medical costs including a referral was about 3000yen. 


Aichi gakuin university dental hospital is a most famous dental hospital in Nagoya area, which mainly focuses on difficult surgery.

Some people may say that I have to go to Aichi gakuin dental hospital first but that is wrong. This dental hospital has a lot of patients and needs a reservation to remove wisdom teeth and it will take at least 1 month to your turn to be pulled out. So in order to identify whether your wisdom teeth are difficult to remove or not you have to go to a small dental clinic first. If it is easy to do that, a dentist will soon get  your wisdom teeth removed the same day when you go. This article shows English speaking dentists in Nagoya area so I recommend that you go these dentists if you want to communicate with them in English.

Then I went to Aichi gakuin dental hospital with a referral. A dentist checked my jaws and showed me two options of anesthesia. One is not strong anesthesia so I am awake during the operation. I have to go to hospital two times to remove my two wisdom teeth one by one. I don’t need to stay at hospital at night after each operation. Compared to the latter way, this is quite cheaper. I guess 20,000 yen. Second option is to use a little bit of strong anesthesia. This will lead me to a kind of sleep and I can get my two wisdom teeth removed without noticing surgery. After removal, I have to stay in the hospital at night to check my recovery. 

Wisdom teeth removal surgery that I took is like this YouTube and I strongly believed that I can’t endure this type of operation while awake so I choose the second option. Accommodation fee was about 10,000yen and the surgery was about 30,000 yen.

I went to Aichi gakuin dentist hospital 2 times before surgery to check my jaw and then make a reservation and then I got surgery. It was not so scary because I was sedated and I didn’t know what happened. Then I got up in my room at the hospital. Next day, I had breakfast prepared by hospital and then the dentist checked my jaws.  About 10days later, I went to the hospital again to remove the surgical thread. That’s what I experienced. 

Wisdom teeth removal surgery that I experienced 

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